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Practitioner Events

OTS Workshops, Seminars & Talks For 2018

Now that we have a new therapy centre in Oxford (as well as our centre in Witney), we will be offering regular training workshops seminars and talks there. So far this year we have two events planned for practitioners. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter on the Right hand column to be kept up to date!

You are invited to the 'Opening' of OTS-Oxord Therapy Centre 1st Floor 142-144 Oxford Road, Temple Cowley, Oxford, OX4 2EA
Discounted room hire from under £2.50 per hour for the first 3 months of joining the centre - see below.

Open Programme Evening Seminar: The most recent advances in interpersonal neurobiology

A report and review of Allan Schore’s recent presentation "The growth-promoting role of mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy”.

Working Relationally – don’t we all? A free CPD workshop for experienced and new therapists:

Exploring multiple relational stances as responses to therapeutic dilemmas, impasses and enactments.

The most recent advances in interpersonal neurobiology

Open Programme Evening Seminar - A report and review of Allan Schore’s recent presentation "The growth-promoting role of mutual regressions in deep psychotherapy”

with Michael Soth

Date & Time: Tuesday evening,  February 27: 19:30 - 21:30
Venue: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
Fee:£20 (£15 - OTS members)

For several decades, Allan Schore has been known as an interdisciplinary giant, bringing together neuroscience and the affective cognitive sciences with psychoanalysis as well as developmental psychology and attachment theory. Last September he promised to offer his latest thinking, and I think he delivered on that promise. In this seminar, I will present a summary of his latest formulation which includes a new appreciation of spontaneous regression and a new and comprehensive neuropsychological model of dissociative and repressive defences. I will present and critically review the model he presented in September 2017.

Click here to book a place or express interest

Or you can: email us or phone us to register your interest. Don't forget to subscribe to the OTS Newsletter in the right hand column to be kept up-to-date.

Working Relationally – don’t we all?

A FREE CPD Workshop - for experienced and new therapists - exploring multiple relational stances as responses to therapeutic dilemmas, impasses and enactments.

Trainer: Michael Soth
Time & Date: Saturday 21st April 2018 10.00 - 17.00
Venue: OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre
Places are limited, so early booking (see below) is advised.

CPD Certificates: Once you have booked this workshop, you will also be sent free CPD material - video and handouts which are ideal preparation for this workshop. CPD Certificates will be issued after the event and will be for 12 hours if you have completed the pre-workshop training package.

OTS Members - £0
OTS applicants - £60
Non-members - £0

Refunds: OTS have a 'money back' if not satisfied with the training day policy

Lunch: As always, we will have a bring and share lunch.

About the training:
Last year we offered a 3-hour free CPD talk to the wider community. As a follow on, this year Michael is running a 6-hour experiential workshop for us, which together with the video and training notes which are preparatory study, gives you 12 hours of free CPD this year. This is event is the rescheduled training day from October, so there already a number of people with reserved places.

Places are limited, and priority will be given to:
Practitioners who attended last years talk
OTS Member Applicants
Let us know which category you fit into when you enquire, so we can send you any specific requirements.

OTS has been running a series of workshops over recent months, based on Michael Soth’s ‘Diamond Model’, a further evolution of Petruska Clarkson’s ‘Five Relational Modalities’, which 25 years ago acted as a turning point for the profession and began the process of psychotherapy integration in this country and globally; a process which still has a long way to go, and was at the heart of last years free talk.
Michael’s ‘Diamond Model’ is the theoretical background for these predominantly experiential workshops. Through role-plays of vignettes, fishbowl sessions and demonstrations, an experiential way of working maximises opportunities for everybody to explore and embody the principles of working relationally – they are lived in the workshop, and not just talked about from a theoretical perspective.
This workshop is:

  • suitable for practitioners from all modalities and levels of experience
  • essential for developing deeper understanding of ruptures in the therapy relationship thus helping to reduce the number premature therapy endings conducive to an overall deepening of your work with clients

    What others have said about these experiential workshops:
    “At a simple level, the energy and passion brought into the room by Michael, let alone his significant experience, was stimulating, inspiring and informative.”

    “The role play session was extremely interesting and useful as it provided a learning experience which you simply cannot get from other types of CPD such as books, lectures, or less experiential methods of training. Because several of us took turns to play the part of 'therapist', we saw how different therapeutic styles would play out differently with the same client. We particularly looked at how soon, and in what way, the client's core issues would manifest themselves in the therapy, depending on the therapist's working style.”

    “My personal comprehension as to the dimensions I need to be mentally aware of and managing in a first session are significantly clearer, although of course practice will develop this further. ”

    “Recognising that I avoid opportunities for ruptures in the therapeutic relationship and I should in fact embrace them. ”

    “I discovered how my style sometimes means I try to dictate the journey of the therapy and how I can choose to shift from this perspective. ”

    “It was a boost to my confidence overall, and I really felt empowered when others observed my practice and could observe other (relational) modalities in my practice that I had not observed before. Now I am aware of them I feel I am more able to work with them. ”

    “I think the key thing that I took away was a question around my flexibility: how flexible am I in first sessions (and indeed in all of my work)?  I like being left with questions about how I am as a therapist... ”

    “I am not enough familiar with CBT or Gestalt ideology but to have practitioners from all realms of training speak and demonstrate- it opened my work up with my client the next day ... and it opened up my general integrative stance also. ”

    About the Workshop Series - Relational Dilemmas:
    These experiential workshops are based on an exploration of first sessions and assessments, but they are fully relevant to all client work at any and all stages of therapy, for all modalities. Exploring the relational modalities at the earliest stages of therapeutic work allows for clarity in the development of our perception, experience and understanding of our client work, and a wider and more creative range of therapeutic responses, strategies and interventions.

    Click here to book a place or express interest

    Or you can: email us or phone us to register your interest. Don't forget to subscribe to the OTS Newsletter in the right hand column to be kept up-to-date.

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    Once you have submitted your form below you will be be sent an email confirming it has been received, and we will contact you personally shortly afterwards. In the meantime if you have any questions, please email us.


    Opening Day Invite:

  • Saturday 3rd Feb 10.30 - 12.30
  • Friday 9th Feb 19.00 - 21.00

    We would like to invite you to one of our two opening days at our beautiful new centre – discounted room booking rates available for practitioners joining the centre by the end of February (Under £2.50 an hour for your first 3 months).
    We are excited to be able to tell you that OTS is opening a second counselling and psychotherapy centre. We are having two opening days to give as many people as possible a chance to come and look round meet us and have a drink. OTS already has a thriving centre in Witney, and our website for the OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre is already up and running.
    At OTS, we have been developing our range of services for both the public and practitioners for the last 3 years. Many of our practitioners are now full having benefited from our growing presence in the community, and our professional assessment and referral service.
    If you would like to attend one of our open days, or would like to know more about the new centre, please contact our centre manager Paula Maddison here.
    The centre has 3 large individual therapy rooms suitable for individual and small group work, as well as 2 large group rooms. It also has a large kitchen with excellent facilities for centre members to relax there and prepare food etc. between sessions
    Room hire is available from under £5 per hour and anyone booking 4½-hour or longer blocks by the end of February will benefit from a 50% reduction in room fees for the first 3 months on each block.
    All practitioners working at our centres benefit from our extensive marketing, including new free personalised flyers when you book a block.

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