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Welcome to OTS

PLEASE NOTE - We have been so busy that we are closing the website until Monday 30th May 2022 to give ourselves some space to catch up. We apologise for the inconvenience, but please re visit us then.

Following government guidelines on COVID secure workplaces: many of our therapists have returned to our centres. We are now able to offer a choice of assessment and therapy sessions both face-to-face and via video call.

OTS-Low cost therapy groups are now running on Thursday evenings, and a Thursday morning group is due to start in January! We are now offering Community & Self-Development Groups; low-cost groups from £5 per session.
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What do you need:
Counselling or psychotherapy in the Oxford or Witney area? Confused by the many types of therapy on offer?

What’s better for you:
Individual or group therapy? Looking for cost-effective and affordable options?

Welcome to OTS:
Providing appropriate, effective and affordable counselling & therapy options in Oxford and Witney for you! We help you find the therapeutic approach, format and options that are best for you. As we are connected with a wide and diverse range of networks, we have no particular investment in which path you choose for yourself, and can therefore give unbiased advice tailored to you. People come to us from across the Oxfordshire region for counselling and psychotherapy, as finding the right counsellor or psychotherapist to work with you is so important for achieving the outcomes you are looking for.

What kind of problems can you help me with?
What do you offer? Which services do I need?
Fees: Costs for different therapy options
What to do next
Information for Referring & Practicing Professionals
Free Talks at Oxford & Witney Therapy Centres

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"There are many more ways of addressing the
psychological challenges of life than the average
person knows about. OTS aims to make that
accumulated richness of human understanding and
wisdom available to everybody seeking help."

What kind of problems can you help me with?

Anxiety, depression, relationship difficulties, stress, and many other areas of mental and emotional difficulty!

We recognise that life can be difficult for all of us from time to time. We can help with these difficulties whether it is a temporary crisis or life transition, ongoing emotional distress, the aftermath of trauma, the stresses and growing pains of life or the wish for a more fulfilling everyday experience; OTS can help to find an appropriate, effective and affordable therapeutic route for you.

Whether there is a clear diagnosis (like stress, depression, anxiety, etc) or an unlabelled experience of emotional or mental pain, or just a ‘felt sense’ that 'things could be better'; whether it is an identified outer problem, a relationship difficulty or an inner sense of turmoil, confusion or emptiness, there are many more ways of addressing the psychological challenges of life than the average person knows about – OTS aims to make that accumulated richness of human understanding and wisdom available to everybody seeking help.

OTS have a wide range of counsellors and psychotherapists including those offering low cost counselling across the Oxford & Witney regions.

What do you offer? Which services do I need?

Assessment & Referral
If you are not sure what would be best for you, please contact us, and we can offer you an initial interview to explore what would work best for you:

  • which type and format of 1-1 psychotherapy/counselling in Oxford & Witney areas, including Abingdon, Bampton, Carterton etc.
  • which therapeutic approaches;
  • whether group or individual counselling/therapy;

    The fee for assessment and referral appointments is a minimum of £45, and a maximum of whatever (per session) limit you give us to help you find your therapist. This is to allow people that need to, to access the low-cost OTS service.
    Find out more 'About Assessment & Referral Sessions'

    Therapy Groups (both ongoing and time-limited) and self-development workshops in Oxford and Witney: working with anxiety, depression, self esteem, parenting, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, addictions, abuse etc.; for some, group therapy can be a better, more productive and/or more affordable option than individual therapy.
    (Current Groups)

    Couples Therapy
    There are fewer practitioners offering couples therapy, which is generally charged at a higher rate than individual sessions, from £60 - £90 per hour session. We are offering couples workshops at the OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre which can be very useful to support couples. Please email us for further information.

    A Low-Cost Therapy & Counselling Service: There are many people who can’t realistically afford the typical cost of individual therapy sessions with experienced practitioners, which typically range from £45 to £90, depending on the practitioner. If group therapy is not appropriate, we can offer low-cost therapy with advanced trainees (who are in regular supervision with us), with newly qualified practitioners and with experienced practitioners who offer some low cost places from £20 - £45 per session. If you feel you require or would like to consider a low cost place, then you will be able to register this on the application form if you...

    Click here to request an appointment

    We would also recommend you have a look at the further information on the FAQ page which tells you how the low cost service operates.

    We run workshops on a regular basis in the evenings and weekend mornings. Our newsletters will update you on new events as they are advertised.
  • Educational & Experiential events
  • Topics include: Knowing yourself & being effective; Emotional literacy; Relationship difficulties & couples; Getting what you want out of life; Is counselling /Psychotherapy for me?; Why isn’t my therapy working? etc.
  • Taster workshops for those thinking about group therapy.

    See our resources pages for additional resources, links and book lists

    Support, supervision and development groups - for counsellors, therapists, life and business coaches and other helping professionals.
    (Current Groups)

  • Fees: Costs for different therapy options

    Assessment Fees:
    The fee for assessment and referral appointments is on a sliding scale from a minimum of £45 to £80. (£60-80 for couples). The fee you pay will be the maximum of whatever (per session) fee limit you give us to help you find your practitioner. We will then only consider practitioners who charge up to the amount you can afford. It is important to set a fee limit that is sustainable for you.

    Low Cost Service Fees
    Fees for the low cost service are in the range of £20-£45 per session. This service is staffed by trainees in supervision with us, newly qualified practitioners building their practices and occasionally by experienced practitioners with a lower fee place available. Please note the minimum assessment fee of £45 will be payable for this service, as we don't refer to trainees without an assessment. We have trainees offering low cost counselling at both OTS-Oxford therapy centre & OTS-Witney therapy centre.

    Individual Counselling & Psychotherapy Fees
    This is dependant on the practitioner. In Oxfordshire the average cost of therapy with an experienced practitioner is around £55 per session, and the range is generally from £45 - £90 per session.

    Couples Therapy Fees
    Couples Therapy is generally charged at a higher rate than individual sessions, from £60 - £90 per hour session. (The assessment fee for a couple would therefore be £60)

    Group Therapy
    Group therapy is currently charged on a sliding scale from £20 - £45 per session. A session last for up to 2 1/2 hours.

    What to do next

    If you want an initial interview for psychotherapy or counselling in Oxford or Witney areas, or simply to explore the best options for you or to be referred to a suitable counsellor or psychotherapist in Oxford or Witney areas, you can either:

    Email us, or

    Click here to request an appointment


    You can phone –

      • Justin on 07977 126330 for interviews in Witney and general enquiries, or
      • Annalisa on 01865 429632 for interviews in Oxford

    You can read more information about the current therapy groups and workshops we offer in the options menu here.

    You can also explore the differences between individual psychotherapy / counselling and group therapy in the options menu here .

    Information for Referring & Practicing Professionals

    At OTS, we believe in maximum diversity and choice for clients and patients, and helping them make informed choices, with as little professional and self-serving bias as possible. In order to achieve this, we advocate transparent communication and co-operation between different services, agencies and disciplines. We support the increasing integration, cross-fertilisation and mutual understanding between different helping professions, and to this end offer specific resources and information about the different types and formats of counselling and psychotherapy to our colleagues across the various disciplines.

    (Further Information)

    Assistance in finding the right person or option

    In order to refer you to a suitable therapist or group, the best option is an initial assessment & referral session. Alternatively, if you feel you do not need an assessment & referral session, and would prefer a short referral call on the phone, please let me know convenient dates and times when I can call you. A call like that might be sufficient if you are only looking for a few sessions of counselling; or if you already have a pretty clear idea of the type of counsellor/therapist and approach you are looking for (usually based on your previous experience).

    Assessment and Referral Appointments

    The purpose of such a session is to help you find the right therapist and approach to therapy for you.

  • we will have the opportunity to discuss what made you look for counselling/therapy at this point, so we can understand what you need and want from therapy.
  • we can explore together the background and history of your issues, your aims and objectives for counselling/therapy, your current life situation and how counselling/therapy would fit into it.
  • we will also take into account any previous experience you have of different types of psychological help, as that will help us get an idea what works for you and what doesn’t.
  • we can then decide together what the options are and what the best way forward is. If 1-1 work is indeed the best option, we can find someone who will fit your needs and requirements and works well with you.

    Finding the right therapist to fit with you and what you are wanting to achieve in counselling/therapy is the most important factor that determines how beneficial the process might be.

    Your Appointment

    An initial assessment & referral appointment takes about one hour.
    Let us know if you would like to arrange an appointment, and details of your availability.
    The fee for this appointment is a minimum of £45, and a maximum of whatever (per session) limit you give us to help you find your therapist. This is to allow people that need to, to access the low-cost OTS service. You can find information on the cost of sessions in the next section.

    If you want to discuss any of this, please phone or email us or you can....

    Click here to request an appointment

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