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Low Cost Options

There are two main low cost options:

Group Therapy
For many people this is as effective as individual therapy. Once you have gotten over the initial anxiety (common for most people) you will realise how effective and supportive it can be.

Low-cost Counselling Service
This service is staffed by trainees in supervision with us, newly qualified practitioners building their practices and occasionally by experienced practitioners with a lower fee place available. The fees for this service help them to cover the cost of room rental and supervision. Toward the higher end of the fee range (see below), there can be places available with newly qualified practitioners who are still building the practice, as well as experienced professionals who offer some low cost work. Demand for this service can be high, and there may be a wait depending on various factors including your availability, affordability and flexibility.

An assessment/referral interview is required to access both of these options.

To request an assessment/referral interview

How does the Low Cost Service Work?

There are many people who can’t realistically afford the typical cost of individual therapy sessions with experienced practitioners, which range from £46 to £130, depending on the practitioner. If group therapy is not appropriate, we can offer low-cost therapy from £20 - £45 per session with:

  • advanced trainees who are in regular supervision with us;
  • newly qualified practitioners developing their practice; and,
  • experienced practitioners who offer some low cost places

    How Much Will I Be Paying ?

    We can discuss how much you might pay at your interview. The more flexibility you have with regards to:
  • how much availability you have;
  • how far you are able to travel; and,
  • how much you are able to afford,
    the greater the range of options we will have to be able to match you with the right counsellor or therapist.

    In order to fund the low cost service, we ask clients to pay what they can afford within the fee range, such that they can reasonably rely on being able to continue to pay whilst seeing their therapist/counsellor, whilst at the same time contributing what they can toward the full cost of their therapy. 

    What is the difference between low cost & full-fee sessions?

    If you require a practitioner offering low cost sessions, you may need to:
  • be more flexible with times you are available;
  • potentially be willing to travel a little further; or,
  • wait for availability.

    This is due to placement with counsellors/therapists on low-cost basis being in demand. 

    If you feel you require or would like to consider a low cost place, then you will be able to register this on the application form linked above.

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