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What To Do Next

You can either request assistance in finding the right therapy solution / counsellor / therapist for you, or choose for yourself the counsellor or therapist you would like to see. Some links will open pages on our sister websites for OTS-Witney & OTS-Oxford. Please be aware that we have many more referral options to more practitioners than are on our websites. Please phone or email us for further details.

Click Here    For assistance with what you want/need

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Assistance with what you want / need

If you are not sure:

  • which practitioner would be right for you;
  • which psychological approach or type of therapy would be right for you; or
  • what might be most useful to you,

    the best option would be to come for an initial assessment appointment in either Oxford or Witney so that we can explore. You can either email or phone us to request this appointment, or to help us be efficient in responding to your request, you can...

    Click Here    To fill in an application form.

    Click Here    For more information about assessment sessions.

  • Choose your counsellor or therapist

    Find A Therapist. modern-workers-su

    In choosing one of the options below, you will land on the relevant page of our sister sites, where you can select the practitioner who feels right for you. In choosing to contact them, you will land back on this page at the relevant contact form below.

    Click Here    To choose a counsellor / therapist in the Witney area

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    Click Here    For assistance with what you want/need

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