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Therapy Groups

Group therapy used to be much more available than it is currently. It is much more widespread in America, and we plan on expanding the range and availability here again.

"Working with a likeminded group is an amazing learning experience and a great opportunity for growth and healing."

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New events and groups are being developed and become available continuously - to be kept up to date with our developing programme, please subscribe to our quarterly newsletter using the form in the right hand column of this page.

Each group and workshop has its own venue, fee, and joining instructions, as detailed for each event. Further information about our group / workshop leaders can be found on the 'About Us' Page. If you are looking for a specific type of group or workshop, but you don’t see it here, please email us, and we will see if one can be set up, or we will put you in touch with a suitable group if possible.

Group Therapy in Witney
Talks, Workshops & Taster Sessions

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Witney Therapy Groups

Therapy Groups – Witney
These are open-ended groups with a general focus.

  • Weekly Group Time & Day: Tuesday 7pm – 9.30pm
  • Fortnightly Group Time & Day: Wednesday 5.30pm – 7.45pm

    New Groups: Will be arranged for Tuesday afternoons , Thursday mornings or Friday afternoons according to availability of applicants.

    If these times and days don't work for you, let us know for the future groups we set up!

    How we relate to ourselves and others is at the heart of how we experience life and respond to the various difficulties and challenges that being human entails. Throughout our lives, we all develop ‘habitual’ ways of relating, behaving, feeling and perceiving. But as neuroscience research now supports, we are often on auto-pilot, and not fully aware of all of our habitual patterns. These patterns are likely to manifest in a therapy group, and many people find it to be a very productive setting and an unusually safe place for exploring and experimenting with these habitual patterns.

    It is in the nature of group therapy that you will be invited to explore new ways of relating. However, there is no expectation that you will stretch yourself beyond your willingness, as it is important that the group develops as a safe place; when we try out new things, we don't try them out in a dangerous situation, we try them out in a safe place. Group therapy is a very rare and unusual creative social space precisely because there is this balance between safety, and a commitment to explore and experiment.

    The group, with a diversity of members, becomes a microcosm of our lives, and grows more effective and efficient over time, as you learn to use the group to experiment and to reflect on the different responses and reactions each member has, enabling you to discover new ways of living more joyously, harmoniously and effectively.

    Justin works as an integrative relational group therapist and will support group members in developing relationships with each other to support each person’s individual goals.

    How groups work & why they are so effective


    An initial interview will be required, and in the first instance, you should complete the short application form here.

    You are asked to make a commitment to coming for the first 12 weeks, as this is needed for you to settle into the group. After 9 weeks, you are asked if you want to continue with the group beyond the 12-week point, to allow for a short period of ending if you aren’t continuing. Ongoing group members are asked to give about 12 weeks notice if they intend to leave the group, again to allow for ending well. The group runs for approximately 40 weeks each year, with dates planned in advance.

    Group Leader:
    Justin Smith

    Witney Therapy Centre
    2a Corn Street
    OX28 6BL
    Location Map

    You can apply to join either group, as new members join at intervals throughout the year if a space becomes available.

    These groups are suitable for most people seeking group therapy, though an initial interview will help to clarify this, or whether a group with a more specific focus for example would be a better option.

    Between £20 - £45 per session payable monthly in advance. Fee to be discussed at interview according to affordability.

    Interview fee:
    £52 payable only after your application has been received and acknowledged.

    At least 10% of all fees above £30 go to fund any reduced fee places.

    Apply here to join one of these groups

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  • Talks, Workshops & Taster Sessions

    We offer free talks, taster sessions and workshops at our OTS-Oxford Therapy Centre & OTS-Witney Therapy Centre on Thursday evenings and weekends. You will find up-to-date details on all our talks and workshops which include such topics as

  • Knowing Yourself & Being Effective!
  • Group Therapy Taster Session – what is it & why would I do it?
  • Everything you always wanted to ask about therapy …

    for the public and professionals via these links:

    Public Talks, Taster Sessions & Workshops
    Practitioner Talks & Workshops

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